Sunil Kumar



Web, Backend & iOS Development

Ruby & Rails

Javascript and React Js

iOS Development


Server Administration



Mobme Wireless Solutions

Senior Software Developer, 2010 Nov - 2013 Dec

Have undertaken 10 - 12 web projects for leading telecoms in the country. The projects mostly involves Rails and/or Sinatra with Javascript and Node.js as regular components. Have worked in tandem with clients like IBM & Infosys to satisfy the billing requirements of Telecom companies.

Built quite a lot of apis to serve the backend purposes for web, mobile as well as external applications. Have been actively involved in technical & patent discussions, meetings & follow ups with telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc and also major banks across the nation.

BackWater Technologies Pvt Ltd (Chillr)

Vice President - Engineering, 2013 Dec - 2017 June

Build the entire backend stack and apis for consumption by the android, ios and windows platforms. Handled all the architectural decisions from setting up the database models to the server infra. Have also built the initial version of the iOS application in RubyMotion.

Managed the engineering team, fulfilled the hiring requirements and continued building and optimizing the existing backend stack for day to day operations. Involved in all major engineering related discussions and took the final call for all backend related queries. Attended meetings with banks, third parties and external stakeholders as and when the requirements came up. Overall, was completely involved in the development and discussions of the product as a whole.